• What is the objective of the book?

    The objective of this book is to encourage more VR contents creation and, at the same time, help towards the survival of an integrated and harmonized VR ecosystem, while supporting potential users and newcomers to get into Virtual Reality (VR).

  • How does this book work?

    The book will be linked to a DASHBOARD. The DASHBOARD is an extension of the book for additional resources such as video interviews, advanced hands-on and much more.

  • How to be featured in the book?

    Please use the contact form: to submit your contents.

  • May I submit my contents to be featured in the book and also get interviewed?

    Yes of course, please use the contact form:

  • What is the deadline for my contents to be featured in the book?

    Anytime from now till   31st March 2019.

  • When will the book be available for purchase?

    The release date for the digital format is 17th July 2019 and the hardcopy will follow soon after.